Mortgage Rates

Today’s Rates

VA 30 Year Fixed 2.418% 1.000Points 2.715% APR Sept 16,’21 apply now Get Your Rate
30 Year Fixed 2.783% 1.000 Points 3.087% APR Sept 16,’21 apply now Get Your Rate
15 Year Fixed 2.129% 1.000 Points 2.677% APR  Sept 16,’21 apply now Get Your Rate
FHA 30 Year Fixed 2.350% 1.000 Points 2.779% APR  Sept 16,’21 apply now Get Your Rate


Rates are subject to change without notice based on market conditions. Rate/APR and terms may vary based on the creditworthiness of the individual.

Unified Home Loans is dedicated to matching customers with the mortgage that makes the most sense. There is no one-size-fits-all mortgage, and each borrower has a different financial background. That’s why we offer a diverse portfolio of loan products.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, are self-employed, a high net worth individual, or a property investor, we’ll find the funding that fits your needs.

Even if you were previously denied a loan, didn’t qualify, or weren’t happy with the terms you were offered before, contact us today to put you back on track to close.

We offer the following loan programs:

  • Refinance Loans
  • Conventional Loans
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages
  • Jumbo Home Loans
  • Hard Money and Private Loans
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)
  • Home Purchase Loans
  • Renovation Mortgage 203(k)
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • USDA Home Loans
  • VA Home Loans
  • FHA


A mortgage rate is the interest you pay on your loan. It’s included in your monthly payment along with a portion of your remaining principal balance. A lower rate equals a lower monthly payment. Even a 1% difference in rates can mean significant savings overall.

Mortgage rates are volatile and go up and down each day. This fluctuation is caused by various factors, including:

State of the economy

When the economy is strong, rates often go up. When the economy is weak, rates go down. Lenders will also look at economic forecasts and set rates accordingly.

Federal Reserve activity and inflation

The Federal Reserve controls the amount of money flowing through the economy to keep inflation in check. It does this by raising and lowering interest rates and inserting more cash when needed. This promotes economic activity and reduces interest rates.

World Events

What’s happening domestically and internationally can also affect economic impact and investor confidence. Such events often lead to changes in interest rates.

The rate you’ll be offered on your loan is based on these factors, as well as your credit score, loan type/amount, home purchase area, and how much money you can put towards closing costs.